Frequently Asked Questions

Why so much ammo?
Well, it depends on how well you shoot.

10 stages, 4 levels, 16, 8, 4, 2.

7x3 =21

21x4 = 84

84 x 10 = 840

and THAT is with no misses or make up shots! And does not include the grand finale. So, it is possible for the winner to shoot 1,000 rounds or more.

Not only is this match the most fun you can have at a shooting match, but you can shoot the most, too! And isn't that why we shoot? To SHOOT? So crank up that reloading press, get those magazines and moon clips ready, and come out and have some fun.
Why such a strict schedule?
Since this match is structured as a "man on man" match, it is vital that all shooters be on time and ready to go. The "J" ladder format depends on shooters being prompt. All efforts will be made to "shoot around" a tardy shooter, but once a level is complete, the shooter must forfeit that stage. So, be on time and be ready to pump some adrenaline!
I shoot a different division than you have listed. Can I still play?
Of course you can! Time and space constraints limit us to 2 divisions, open and limited. However, any center fire gun you shoot, 9mm and above, will fall into one of these divisions. Magazine capacity is not an issue, as there are 7 targets. And for Revolver shooters, only 5 targets. So come on out and play, run what you brung, and have a great time!
Can I shoot from my street/carry rig?
Sure. This match is a balance of speed and accuracy. The first one out of the holster is not necessarily the fastest on the targets. Remember, "You can't miss fast enough to win." So run your concealment rig, your duty gear, or your race holster. Just come on out and have fun.
I'm a "C" (or B or D, or whatever) level shooter, what chance do I have in the "heads up" format?
This is man on man, and anything can happen. One multiple time world champion who shall remain nameless to protect his reputation said he won't shoot it, because "anyone can win that match." You shoot your best, and let the chips fall where they may. We have made every effort to squad people according to skill level, and at this point GM/M, A/B, and C/D shoot together in Limited, while Open is broken down into GM/M/A, and B/C/D. Come on out and give it a try, you'll be hooked. And, except for the two division winners, prizes are distributed by random draw, so order of finish has no bearing at the prize table.